The deliverables emerging from the work packages are listed below:

  • D1.2 - Report
    Report on best Practices from the scientific communities of AIT and DTU

  • D7.1 - Publications
    UCY publications into participant portal

  • D1.1 - Report
    Current scientific and innovation capabilities of UCY in PV and grid integration

  • D1.3 - Report
    Report on final methodology and twinning framework

  • D7.4- ICT tools
    Information and Communication Tools (ICT)

  • D7.2 - Report
    Risk management report

  • D6.1 - Publications
    Report on elaborated DEC (dissemination exploitation) plan

  • D2.6 - Report
    Two (2) Joint research funding roadmap created

  • D4.1 - Report
    Two (2) Annual Reviews

  • D6.6 - Report
    Two (2) reports on planned and completed Communication Activities

  • D6.5 - Report
    Two (2) reports of dissemination and exploitation activities and future plans

  • D7.3 - Report
    Two (2) Project progress reports

  • D3.2 - Workshops
    Two (2) Industry networking workshops

  • D2.3 - Workshops
    Two (2) thematic workshops one at DTU and one at AITutdoors and indoors

  • D2.1 - Staff Exchange
    A total of 6 exchanges between partner institutions for students, experts, and staff

  • D2.4 - Webinars
    A total of 5 scientific Webinars targeting knowledge transfer between partners

  • D2.2 - Staff Training
    Two (2) PhD summer schools one at DTU and one at AIT

  • D2.5 - Joint proposals
    Develop the mechanism for joint R&D activities and joint PhD work

  • D2.7 - Report
    Consolidated WP2 report for all CSA activities of WP2 (exchanges, summer schools, thematic workshops, webinars etc.)

  • D3.1 - Networking
    International networking workshops with experts organized as part of conferences/workshops in the field of PV and grid integration

  • D3.4 - Report
    Consolidated WP3 report. Documentation of all networking activities in WP3 and it will be part of the annual progress review reports in WP4.

  • D4.2 - Report
    Final Review

  • D5.1 - Report
    Roadmap for sustainability

  • D6.2 - Event
    International conference/workshops participation

  • D6.3 - Report
    Peer review publications and conference proceedings regarding the results of the project

  • D6.4 - Newsletters
    Newsletters, press releases, fact sheets and online publications