Introduction to AIT, March 3rd, 2016

The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) hosted the consortium from the University of Cyprus (UCY) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on March 3rd, 2016. This was a great opportunity for the team to be introduced to AIT and to see first hand the excellent work that is done at this Institution. The participants were: Mr. Per Nørgaard (DTU), Mr. Christoph Mayr (AIT), Mr. Marcus Rennhofer (AIT), Mr. Martin Halwachs (AIT), Mr. Roland Brundlinger (AIT) Mr. Helfried Brunner (AIT), Professor George Georghiou (UCY), Dr. Charalambos Anastassiou (UCY), and Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou UCY (UCY)
The meeting included reviewing the project status and also touring the AIT facilities and hearing presentations from the experts from AIT. A summary of what was discussed is shown below.
1. Strategy for the UCY was discussed and the example of AIT was shown. AIT’s example was not just a strategy but also a roadmap for the next 4 years and it takes two years to develop. That roadmap is revisited every year and might be altered every two years. UCY has as a goal to develop such roadmap by end of the year. Time will be devoted during the visit to DTU to further discuss strategy.
2. The Action items list was visited and a copy is shown below along with comments and persons responsible.
3. The questionnaire for best practices was discussed and it was approved to be used. Each institution will try to collect at least 10 responses. Those can come from outside that institution.
4. Two presentations were given on photovoltaic activities and those will be uploaded onto the google drive. One interesting discussion was on the outdoor measurements and how there is an effort to transfer measurements to outdoors so that the modules do not need to be unmounted, transferred and then mounted back again. By doing the measurements outdoors the risk of damage due to unmounting, mounting and transporting is minimized. Furthermore, outdoor measurements give a truer picture to investors, can be linked to degradation. A combination of methods (each with its strengths and weaknesses) is needed to get the full picture.
5. Innovative Training Networks (ITN). After a very short presentation by UCY there is a lot of interest in participating in this. A consortium of 6-7 universities and 2 industrial partners would be ideal. The proposal will be due January 2017 but all the preparatory work needs to start. UCY will drive this and will present at the DTU meeting (26/05/2016).
6. AIT and UCY decided to participate on two proposals (deadline 11/04/2016)
During the very fruitful meeting we had reached a number of decisions:
• Questionnaire for best practices was finalized and will be sent out.
• Introductory visit to DTU decided to be 26/05/2016.
• UCY will further elaborate on its strategy by end of 2016.
• Topic for first training at AIT decided to be indoor and outdoor measurements.
• Training at DTU decided to be 19/9/2016-23/9/2016.
• Thematic workshop and steering committee meeting at UCY 13/12/2016-15/12/2016.
• Theme for ERA-NET and leadership by AIT decided.