TwinPV Kickoff Meeting, Feb 8-10, 2016

It was with great pleasure that the University of Cyprus (UCY) hosted the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for the project's kickoff meeting on Feb 8-10, 2016. The participants were: Mr. Henrik Bindner (DTU), Mr. Per Nørgaard (DTU), Mr. Christoph Mayr (AIT), Mr. Helfried Brunner (AIT), Professor George Georghiou (UCY), Dr. Charalambos Anastassiou (UCY), Dr. Maria Hadjipanayi (UCY), Dr. George Makrides (UCY), Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou UCY (UCY), Mrs. Eliza Pafiti (UCY). The proceedings commenced with the opening remarks by the rector of UCY, Professor Christofides. The main Objectives of the meeting were:
• Introduction of the teams, of the project and its administration.
• Complete in depth, and open discussion of the first three work packages.
• WP1: Twinning methodology and framework (lead by AIT)
• WP2: R&I capacity through case studies (lead by DTU)
• WP3: Building Networking (lead by UCY)

During the very fruitful meeting we had reached a number of decisions:
• Steering committe membership and decicion making was approved.
• Logo was approved.
• File sharing through google drive was approved.
• The 8 topics for case studies along with the responsible institutions was approved.
• Final dates for the first seven deliverables was approved.
• Dates for the next three events were approved.