PV Industry Workshop: Technology Update and Funding

A total of 75 participants took part in our thematic workshop at the University of Cyprus (UCY). Out of those attending the majority were from the industry and Cypriot energy related agencies. The intensive 2-day workshop for the Cyprus PV industry was hosted by the PV lab at UCY and our close collaborators Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Denmark Technology University (DTU). Topics at the workshop covered ranged from fundamentals, emerging technologies, smart grids, network integration, funding and investment opportunities. The workshop looked at how all those developments apply and impact the Cyprus PV industry. There were lots of constructive discussions on how the University and TwinPV consortium in general can work with the industry to help them take advantage of upcoming PV opportunities in Cyprus and the surrounding region. It was particularly inspiring and for Cyprus to see the example from our advanced partners in Denmark where there is a very high penetration of renewable energy. Our partners in Denmark, have experienced and overcame the problems we are facing now and are about to face in Cyprus as we increase the penetration of renewable energy in Cyprus. The vision for Cyprus as given by Mr. Per Noorgard from DTU:

“Cyprus will demonstrate energy and cost efficient large-scale integration of wind and solar in an island energy system.”