The project is based on a bilateral collaboration between Cyprus and Israel. The consortium comprises of a research Centre from Cyprus dedicated to PV research (the PV Technology Laboratory of the University of Cyprus, UCY), a well-reputed Cypriot PV company with a wide experience in PV project development and performance monitoring (K-ENERGY) and an Israeli company specialized in AI diagnostics for solar energy (Raycatch). Through the proposed project, the partnership will strive to strengthen research activities in the field of PV reliability and accurate monitoring that will assure the lifetime energy yield of PV plants and enhance their energy production through a commercial product. This will have a significant contribution towards achieving further penetration of PV in the energy mix of Cyprus, Israel and internationally, at the same time contributing to the countries’ renewable energy targets. Furthermore, it is expected that this work will act as a starting point for long-term collaboration between the Cyprus and Israel solar energy stakeholders. The combination of their experience and technical knowhow in the field of PV will allow reaching the project’s objectives, efficiently.


The main objective of the project will be the development of a commercial product employing innovative methodologies for identifying and classifying performance loss and failures of fielded PV plants through the analysis of measurement data.