The SMARTER_PV project has been initiated to develop an innovative solution for ascertaining the reliability and optimal performance of PV systems through artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostics, the statistical analysis of measurements collected from continuous monitoring of PV plants and predictive maintenance schemes. In this framework, the main challenges to be targeted are: (i) to develop an optimum methodology for treating the monitored measurement data, (ii) to develop a new methodology for the estimation of degradation rate by taking into account the non-linearities observed in the wear out phase of degradation rate’s trend and compare it to the existing ones reported in the literature, (iii) to identify and classify accurately the various mechanisms of performance loss and failures in real time using machine learning techniques.

"The project started in May 2019, and is scheduled to run for 30 months. The SMARTER-PV project (BILATERAL/ISRAEL/0518/0017) is part of the “RESTART 2016-2020” Programmes for Research, Technological Development and Innovation and is funded by Innovation Authority (IIA) in Israel and the Research Promotion Foundation in Cyprus.

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